Molecules to Megawatts


Maximizing the benefits of stationary electrical energy storage through advanced chemistry.

A platform that delivers the widest range of use with no capacity degradation for over 25-years.

Vanion Energy has acquired the Canadian, U.S. and International rights to proprietary stationary battery technologies which it manufactures and markets exclusively through the Vanion Energy brand.

Extensive research has proven this platform to be the most efficient grid scale energy storage technology available at the lowest Levelized-Cost-of-Storage.

Flow batteries generate power by pumping electrolyte from external tanks through an assembly containing two electrodes separated by an ion-conducting membrane.

This setup, known as a power stack, allows large volumes of charged electrolyte to be stored in separate tanks. Pumps move the electrolytes from both tanks through the stack where electricity is produced by an electrochemical reaction.

When energy is needed the system responds with the required electricity in milliseconds.

Decoupling the power (kilowatts – kW) and energy (kilowatt hours – kWh) by warehousing the electrolyte in separated storage tanks and not in the power cell of the battery, (like lead acid and lithium-ion), dramatically increases the useful/economic life of the platform to over 25 years with unlimited cycling.

Furthermore, the Vanion System’s benign electrolyte removes the risk of overheating (cascading-discharge), which leads to fire and explosion (thermal-runaway), resulting in battery failure and catastrophic consequences.

This new system is scalable for grid applications from kilowatt to megawatt and can easily incorporate any power generated from diesel gen-sets to renewables like solar, wind and run-of-river.

Vanion’s multiple innovations make this battery platform better suited for storing and distributing grid sized amounts of energy, than any other battery technology.

Employing this new Energy Storage System means electrical power production no longer has to match real time demand. This Platform will help phase out expensive peaker plants as well as eliminate the loss and waste of unused electricity, resulting in the entire grid being more efficient.

The Vanion battery works well in all grid, microgrid, commercial, industrial and utility applications.

In addition, this battery will be a game changer for remote communities. Reducing the demand on generators through energy storage can dramatically reduce load-restrictions and fuel costs helping communities grow their enterprises, their populations and improve their quality of life.

Remote Microgrid, Iqaluit, Nunavut

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