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“Storage is seen as energy’s holy grail because of the efficiency it brings to any grid.”

Canada and the United States are each other’s largest trading partners. Our economies are extensively intertwined, our cultures are similar and our heritage stems from the same roots. Both Countries depend on our integrated electrical grid making industry, which is our economic engine, the prime candidate for the benefits this energy storage platform.

North America enjoys some of the lowest utility costs of electricity in the world. However, industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, of which electricity is a major component.

Electrical consumption in this category is typically one of the top five operational costs. According to the US Energy Information Administration, buildings account for 40% of energy consumption.

Companies and institutions are identifying energy efficiency in building operations as a policy goal and many businesses are actively looking for solutions to reduce their energy consumption costs.

Toronto, Ontario

For example, in Ontario, by storing energy (charging the battery) during the Off-Peak pricing of 8.7¢ per kilowatt-hour, consumers could save over 50% off the current On-Peak rate of 18¢ per kilowatt-hour; simply by discharging the battery during these expensive periods.

Seaspan, Vancouver Shipyard

Implementing a Vanion Energy Storage System (VESS) will help businesses manage their cost of energy and deliver a solution that ensures a consistent stable supply of power.


North America is one of the largest and most diverse natural resource based areas in the world.

Canada and the United States produce, refine and distribute vast amounts of resources, representing the largest combined commodity market anywhere.

Commodity extraction and refinement industries, including forestry, mining, oil and natural gas, are some of the largest consumers of electricity.

Base Transceiver Station, Whistler, British Columbia



Canada Place, Vancouver

Seattle, Washington

The Vanion Energy Storage System (VESS) is designed to offer businesses electrical and economic benefits they have not had access to in the past.


Arbitrage of tariff costs is now possible with the VESS. Charging at the lowest utility cost and in turn discharging  that energy when utility rates are at their peak.

Also known as a peak-shaving or load shifting strategy, consumers avoid the most costly usage charges by employing the battery instead of consuming the higher cost of electricity available from the utility.


The Battery Management System regulates both cycle and voltage ensuring electrical network stability as well as the safety and security of the connected equipment .


Weather is the most common cause of power outages. The VESS can instantly supply 12-hours or more of full-capacity back-up power, eliminating production down-time and possible equipment damage due to disruptions of grid service.


Reliable power is critical to the safety and infrastructure security of all commercial and institutional buildings. Data centers, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, police, fire & military facilities as well as multi-story buildings with elevators cannot operate without electricity.

Diavik Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories

International Paper, Franklin, Virginia

Telecom: Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) – Cell & Microwave

There are approximately 215,000 BTS operating in the United States and over 13,000 stations operating in Canada.

A large number of Base Transceiver Stations must be located in remote areas to ensure the telecom connection across the continent is maintained.

Telecom market share and improving network operating efficiencies are the industries main strategies to ensure a reasonable return on investment.

The Vanion Energy Storage System (VESS) will save diesel fuel, buttress electrical stability, protect the sites network components from cycle and voltage fluctuation damage as well as mitigate remote site service disruptions. The VESS can be tailored to any site specifications.