Molecules to Megawatts

The new electrolyte formula has dramatically increased energy density and stores a greater volume of energy per litre compared to previous chemistries.

In addition, a full charge can be stored for extended periods of time without energy degradation.

Another innovation is the expanded operating temperature range. The system is now capable of operating between -40°C and +60°C without compromising performance. Most other battery technologies require expensive HVAC support.

This chemical composition allows the use of readily available microporous separators for the membrane, which reduces power stack costs by 95%; lowering overall system costs by 25%.

This battery is one of the safest platforms available. The Vanion electrolyte is a benign chemical composition which is over 60% water, inexpensive to manufacture, is highly durable, non-toxic, fully recyclable and will never catch fire or explode like other battery platforms.

A competitive advantage of employing this non-flammable battery system, could result in lower insurance premiums and reduce oversight from local fire code regulators along with eliminating the need for expensive fire suppression systems.




This battery is highly efficient, stable and safe. It responds to power surges and losses in milliseconds; has far lower maintenance requirements and can operate in broad temperature ranges.