Power Stack

New Interdigitated Design


Vanion continuing research has resulted in a new Power Stack matrix. The new design dramatically increases power density compared to previous designs.

The new Interdigitated Flow-Field, means the flow-through and flow-by processes are integrated to generate a much higher transport rate of ions. This Stack’s enhanced charging performance results in substantially increased power density at a lower operating pressure, which ensures extended reliability and performance.

The stack membrane serves as the facilitator of energy transfer in a Redox Flow Battery. This allows energy in the form of ions to pass from the tank on one side of the power stack to the tank on the other side during the charge or discharge cycles. This process, called Reduction Oxidization (Redox) is how the battery stores (charges) or release (discharges) electrical energy.

Power Stack

The most distinguishable characteristic of this next-generation redox flow battery is it limits the non-uniform transfer of ions across the battery cell separator membrane; called crossover. This new approach, provides long-term energy cycling stability, overcoming major cost, operational & performance limitations of the current generation redox flow batteries.

This new Power Stack matrix eliminates the maintenance challenges of crossover balancing and membrane corrosion, making this the most economic and trouble free platform available.