Economic Performance

Innovation isn’t always about making something new.

Sometimes it’s a matter of taking an existing idea and turning it into something revolutionary.

The Vanion Energy Storage System (VESS®) is designed to improve electrical energy efficiency helping businesses and institutions save money and be more competitive.

The VESS® is one of the cleanest way to meet increasing demand for energy, is good for the environment and is a low-cost method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Major advantages of the Vanion Value Proposition are;

● Scalable for grid applications from kilowatt to multi-megawatt.

● Easily integrated into any electrical generation system, including diesel and renewables.

● Ideal for storing and distributing energy in front of or behind the meter.

● Works well in all grid, microgrid, commercial, industrial, institutional and utility applications.

● Wide operating temperature range; between -40°C and +60°C. Does not require expensive HVAC support.

● 25-year operational lifespan at full capacity without any degradation.

● Made with non-hazardous materials, no risk of fire or explosion.