Vanion Energy

Technology that Empowers People, Business and Communities

Vanion Energy

Safe, Clean and Environmentally Responsible

Vanion Energy

Stable Performance, Unlimited Cycles for over 25-Years

Vanion Energy

Scalable Design; Kilowatts to Multi-Megawatts

Vanion Energy

4 – 24 Hours of Electrical Discharge – No Degradation Over Time

Society saves every other resource.

Until now a cost-effective technology capable of efficiently & economically, warehousing and

distributing grid size amounts of electricity, for more than 4-hours, did not exist.

The need for large scale energy storage is growing rapidly. 

Low cost, large scale electricity storage is often described as a game changer by the energy industry, as the best way to manage grid fluctuations in a power-hungry world.

Power grids haven’t changed much in the last 50 years. Operators must constantly match electricity generation to consumer demand; a task that is becoming increasingly difficult and costly as utilities and microgrids move toward renewable energy and the phase out of fossil fuels.

Vanion’s unique 4th generation Energy Storage System (VESS®) utilizes proprietary liquids called electrolytes to store electrical energy.

These electrolytes are a benign chemical composition which are over 60% water, inexpensive to manufacture, are highly durable, non-toxic and will never catch fire or explode like other batteries.

This new platform is designed with a full capacity 25-year operating life. It has higher power densities, increased storage, wider operating temperature ranges and can simultaneously satisfy multiple grid applications; all at the lowest-levelized-cost-of-storage.

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Until now, because of technical limitations with storage, utilities  have had to produce electricity to meet demand in real-time in order to avoid blackouts, brownouts & ride-through issues.

Across North America, there are over 500 off-grid remote Civilian Communities and an additional 400+ off-grid Military, Coast Guard, National Guard and RCMP Stations generating power primarily with diesel generators.

Low cost electrical power is critical for a successful economy. Vanion’s Energy Storage Technology will assist management in achieving lower operating costs, avoiding power outage disruptions and improving competitiveness.

The Vanion System will help maximize the benefits of nonpolluting renewable energy sources like wind and solar by aggregating the electricity produced into an intelligent interactive battery platform. This will ensures power is available when required.